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Graphic Armor Frequently Asked Questions

Are Graphic Armor printed condoms safe, and how are they tested?

Graphic Armor™ printed condoms are FDA-cleared for marketing and sales in the U.S> and all other countries that recognize U.S. FDA clearance. Graphic Armor Imprinted Condoms are tested using the most advanced methodologies available today making them safe for use and distribution in many countries around the world.

Is there any chance of the printed graphics coming off?

No, the images on all Graphic Armor™ printed condoms are securely applied to the inner layer of the condom and are designed to stay on during normal condom use. The ink used is non-toxic and safe and the printing process does not in any way compromise the integrity or safety of the condom.

What type of Images can be printed on them?

Graphic Armor™ printed condoms feature full color, high quality printing right on the condom. Think of the latex as your canvas for personal and professional artistic expression!  Photographs, illustrations and logos of all kinds look absolutely superb on our condoms. The detail and image quality will amaze you.  For best results, we recommend using images with a 300 dpi resolution setting.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It generally takes three to four weeks to print and package your Graphic Armor™ printed condoms. All orders are shipped to you directly from our U.S. facility either by International First Class Mail (10-14 days shipping time) or by express courier (4-7 days shipping time).

Will my design be printed on one side or two sides of the condom?

All Graphic Armor printed condoms are printed on one side of the condom. However, we do offer custom solutions that include full coverage printing of the condom. Please contact our sales department at service@GraphicArmor.com for additional information.

Can I have my art on the condom foil too?

Yes, all orders for Graphic Armor printed condoms include a free option to personalize the condom foil with a label featuring your art and copy.

How are the custom label condoms produced?

Your art work is printed on a white label which is then adhered to the Graphic Armor foil.

What if I don’t want a custom label on the foil?

No problem, just select the box that says you do not want a custom label on the foil and your Graphic Armor™ Imprinted Condoms will come in blank foil.

Can I use your web site to design my own Graphic Armor printed condoms without actually placing an order?

Yes! Feel free to design your own Graphic Armor printed condoms and to share them however you would like, including Facebook and Twitter.

Can I order Graphic Armor printed condoms without using the Design Studio by sending in my art?

Yes, you can make your purchase here online and then send in your finished art for production. Please visit this page for additional information about creating and submitting your art files.

Do Graphic Armor printed condoms™ have spermicide?

No, Graphic Armor™ printed condoms do not contain spermicide. All Graphic Armor™ printed condoms are made from premium ultra thin lubricated latex.

What size are Graphic Armor printed condoms?

Graphic Armor™ printed condoms feature a straight wall shape and measure 53mm in width by 190mm in length, making them standard in size and dimension.

Can I order my Graphic Armor printed condoms in any other styles, such as ribbed, flavored or extra large?

At this time, Graphic Armor™ Imprinted Condoms are only available in one style, shape and size, although that may change in the near future.

Do Graphic Armor printed condoms feel good?

Yes! Graphic Armor™ printed condoms are made from premium ultra thin latex that feels as good as it looks!

What is your refund policy?

All Graphic Armor™ printed condoms are tested to the highest standards to ensure unsurpassed quality. Due to the fact that condoms are considered medical devices, we cannot accept returns. However, in the event that there is an issue with the printing, we will reimburse you or give you the option to re-submit the order.

What experience does the company have making condoms?

Graphic Armor has been in business for over four years specializing in the development of innovative condom products. Our executive team has over 25 years of direct experience in all aspects of the condom industry. In addition, our factory has been in business producing condom products since 1960 and carries all of the highest certifications in the industry.

Can I have my art printed directly on the condom foil? (as opposed to using a label)

The minimum order for custom printed foils is 10,000 condoms. Please click here for more information or contact our marketing and sales department at service@graphicarmor.com  for more information.

Do you offer services to produce retail packaging for my Graphic Armor imprinted condoms, such as 3 packs and 12 packs?

Yes, please contact our marketing and sales department at service@graphicarmor.com for more information.

Will you keep my personal information private?

Yes, we respect your privacy! We will not trade or sell your personal information.

Is there an affiliate program for Graphic Armor printed condoms?

Yes! Graphic Armor™ has a great affiliate program that you can join to earn generous commissions. Please click here for more information.